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The Meaning of Life Inc. Fast Company interview about Life Inc with Adam Penenberg.

Global Comment Interview Rushkoff on Life Inc. In-depth interview with Sarah Jaffe.

Rushkoff on OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook Includes radio show audio file.

BloggingHeads.TV interview. Ann Althouse talks to Rushkoff about Life Inc. (streaming video)

The Jewcy Interview, 08 August 2005
Online Jewish webzine Jewcy interviewing Rushkoff about Nothing Sacred.

First Interview about Get Back in the Box, 20 April 2005
Kris Krug Dot Com interviews Rushkoff about his first business book.

New Zionist Interview, 29 March 2005
A new Jewish webzine interviews Rushkoff on pop culture, politics, and American Jewry.

The RAWstory Interview, 22 February 2005
RU Sirius in a pretty heavy conversation with Rushkoff about the counterculture - or what's left of it.

Douglas Rushkoff Talks Club Zero-G and Breaking into Comics, 03 September 2004

(more interviews)


An Old Fashioned Kind of Geek The Guardian on Rushkoff and Life Inc.

The Jewish Week: An Iconoclast's Next Move, 04 July 2004
The Jewish Week's first Rushkoff profile.

Bnai Brith Magazine,"Douglas Rushkoff's Open Source Judaism." (2003)
Straightforward profile on me and my encounters with the Jewish institutional world.

Newsarama Profile on Club Zero-G, October 2002
Newsarama's first piece on Rushkoff, on the event of publishing Club Zero-G.

Disinformation: Douglas Rushkoff, 10 November 2002
A large, annotated collection of articles and interviews.

The Forward Fifty, 12 November 2002
The Forward picks Rushkoff as one of America's "50 most influential Jews."

(more profiles)


Nothing Sacred reviewed by Gwen Nowak, for Books in Canada, 2003
This most penetrating review of Nothing Sacred reveals the book's true intentions and Rushkoff's 'trickster' role.

An Iconoclast's Next Move, Jewish Week Book Review, 2003
One of institutional Judaism's more balanced accounts of Nothing Sacred.

Rushkoff's Bull reviewed by Christian House for London paper The Independent, 2001
"Douglas Rushkoff's second novel, Bull, succeeds by peppering the thriller structure with the kind of literary experimentalism currently in vogue with young, metropolitan American writers."

"Keeping Score with the Digital Elite", 2001
— An audience member reviews/reacts to Rushkoff's talk at a conference about Digital Media — "Rushkoff's message that day was simple...everyone in the audience needs to lighten up."

Children of Chaos reviewed by Stuart Price of the London Telegraph, 1997
"Read this book; it's a damned good, perceptive and compelling antithesis to popular notions of 'bad technology.'"

(more reviews)


The Guardian, "Top Ten", 2001
Rushkoff lists his ten favorite 'designer reality' books.

The Edge, "Most Important Invention" , 2001
Rushkoff's pick for the most important invention of the last 2000 years.

The Most Important Unreported Story
John Brockman asks Rushkoff to report the most important unreported news story.

Feed Magazine, "Dream Machines" , 1999
Feed asks Rushkoff what he'd like to see invented in the future.

(more in miscellaneous)

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