One Way Ticket

Meanwhile…my life has been made appreciably more difficult this week by own STUPID DECISION to upgrade my Mac to system 10.2 from 10.1. [Corrections to this piece appear in brackets, like this sentence does.] Little did I realize (or was informed by the accompanying literature) that system 10.2 does not yet work with any laser […]   read more »

My Friend, Justin Hall

Justin Hall, one of the original and still-finest web loggers out there, recently graced my wedding party in NYC, along with his brilliant companion Jane. If you don’t know Justin’s work, you must check him out. Another good friend of the Howard Rheingold clan, Justin is deeply and quite honestly involved in the intersection between […]   read more »

Computer Games Illegal in Greece!

Check out this story from CNET via I can’t believe a law like this will remain in effect for very long. But it sure is a wild one. Almost like a scene out of that Kevin Bacon movie, Footloose: — Use a Game Boy in Greece, go to jail Ban on electronic games applies […]   read more »

Writing Professionally chapter two: The Proposal

About a month ago, I wrote about how to get started writing professionally. I wrote about finding the subject that matters to you, and championing it effectively. In response, many of you asked questions about the technical and business specifics: how to write a proposal, how to get an agent, how to get a publisher, […]   read more »

From the Inbox

I’m going to start posting some of my answers to readers’ email here on the Blog, as a lot of it seems useful to a wider audience than one. …I enrolled in a technical school for computers because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I realized during this time that I am […]   read more »


So, why has this blog been so slow to repost, lately? Nuptials. That’s right – I’ll be wed by Saturday night, to the PlotzLady. I’ve kept this news off the site, in general, because I don’t see this as a place for me to talk about me as much as a place to begin conversations […]   read more »

all dear positions and are assessed just as lecherous as I…

I got an email in German – I assumed it was from someone who had read one of my books in translation and believed that I actually speak and write in German. I went to and here’s how the translation to English came through: — Hello! My name is Jennifer. I read your notice. […]   read more »

World Trade Center Revival

(I think I’ve been a bit too worried about keeping these blogs coherent and whole. I strive for well thought-out essays, because that’s what I’m used to working for in my article/essay writing. But I’m going to try to engage in a disciplined disengagement from discipline, and share some ideas that aren’t ready for primetime. […]   read more »