What’s Next for Rushkoff?

First, some interesting stuff about the book, Nothing Sacred, at Zeek magazine. (Although one of the two reviewers, in an effort to critique my “scholarship,” claims I’ve written that the Orthodox movement grew out of the holocaust, which I don’t say. On page 73 I explain how it was a reaction to German reforms of […]   read more »

Still Lapsed, After all these Months

In a particularly distressed moment, I made a remark in one of the comments sections, below, that: “As for me, I think my association with Judaism is coming to an end. I’m interested in it as an intellectual and as an ethicist, but I don’t see it as a fruitful spiritual path – at least […]   read more »

Please help me create a new title!

I’m working on a new version of the book Nothing Sacred, for paperback. I’m adjusting a lot of things to make it less severe, and more consistent with some of what I’ve learned in the past year or two about Judaism’s better offerings. (They’re harder to find, but they exist!) Most importantly, I want to […]   read more »

My Last Word on the Subject

I learned last night about a ‘phone tree’ campaign for Jews to boycott Jewish magazines that carry my work. It’s not because of anything I wrote – not even the NYPress piece. No, it’s because of a review of my book in Jerusalem Report that called me an atheist! So, I figured I’d write this […]   read more »

The Bubble, part two: Reloaded

Not that most readers of this humble web log are wealthy enough (anymore, at any rate) to be investors, but just in case you were thinking of putting your hard-earned cash on the roulette wheel otherwise known as the stock market, I urge you to think again. The irrational exuberance that swept the investment world […]   read more »

Madagascar Inst.

I had the rare treat of witnessing another Madagascar Institute extravaganza, yesterday afternoon. They’re hard to describe, but they’re basically like underground ‘zine publishing except instead of appropriating the office copiers they appropriate the street and, in some ways, reality itself. This one was called “The Madagascar Institute goes crazy, Broadway Style!” and featured what […]   read more »

Interviews all over the place

Interesting week. After some heat, the UJA-Federation of NY put their interview with me back on their website (albeit with a new framing device). Here’s a better one, done by Rachel Lehman-Haupt, on the great site Alternet.   read more »

Rushkoff Interview Yanked From UJA Website

Fascinating times. I’m doing a charity talk next week for Camp Wellmet – a Jewish-sponsored camp for urban kids. It’s being hosted by the United Jewish Appeal center in NYC, so everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to do an interview for the UJA website. I just received an email from […]   read more »

We’re Number Eight!

‘Nothing Sacred’ entered the San Francisco Chronicle’s non-fiction bestseller list at #8 this week. The greatest part about it is the implicit approval in their choosing to categorize it as non-fiction! (I’ll take what I can get, given some of the reviews.) Off to Toronto this week (in spite of family warnings about the new […]   read more »