Calling all McLuhan Fans

This is the only ‘academic’ organization I belong to (I’m actually on the board). And they’re doing a conference up in Rochester next spring. So, I encourage all my fellow armchair media theorists to submit ideas and come present them to this crew of McLuhanites: — Digital Environments and the Liberal Arts The fifth annual […]   read more »

Extensive and Terrific Review of Nothing Sacred

Nothing Sacred got a terrific and extensive review in Issues, a publication of the American Council for Judaism. It came in very handy, today, as I confronted some strange personalities with axes to grind. Here’s a snip: This book is an important contribution to what, hopefully, will be a growing discussion about the future of […]   read more »

Terrorism Futures: Stunts and Hunts

There’s two gaming opportunities receiving wide coverage these days for their crassness: one lets you bet on the probability of new terrorist events, and the other gives you the opportunity to hunt naked women in the desert and then shoot them with paint guns. The first is a real proposal. DARPA believes that extending their […]   read more »

Pearl’s Parents

I got an email this weekend from Daniel Pearl’s parents, who are publishing a book called “I am Jewish,” after the Wall Street Journal reporter’s last words before being executed in Pakistan. The idea is to get a bunch of writers and thinkers to reflect on this phrase, and what it means to be Jewish. […]   read more »

Real Community

I was just reading a book written by Max Lerner in 1957 called “America as a Civilization,” in which he wonders not if “the small town can be rehabilitated,” but what will evolve in America “to replace it.” In the age of virtual community, Lerner’s work is considered pretty prescient. But I can’t help but […]   read more »

Advice to the Bad Tripping

I got an email the other night from someone I don’t know. He sounded quite distressed, though. Something about being responsible for lots and lots of stuff – creating programs that hurt people’s minds and then causing pain to a whole lot of people, including me and my friends. Interestingly, a lot of what he […]   read more »

Real Estate

Real estate in NYC has gotten pretty damn expensive. I mean, really expensive. They want a million dollars for a loft these days. A two-bedroom in the village? One million dollars, please. Cobble Hill? Just under a million – but nothing’s available, anyway. And even at these price levels, we’re talking crrrap. My wife and […]   read more »

The Jewish Press Widens its Perspective!

The Jewish Week has won the rare distinction of publishing the Jewish print press’s first review of my book, Nothing Sacred, that does not descend into paranoia, racism, or personal attack. The writer, Sandee Brawarsky, actually sidesteps most of the unnecessary controversy and gets to the heart of what I meant to explore in the […]   read more »

What’s Next for Rushkoff?

First, some interesting stuff about the book, Nothing Sacred, at Zeek magazine. (Although one of the two reviewers, in an effort to critique my “scholarship,” claims I’ve written that the Orthodox movement grew out of the holocaust, which I don’t say. On page 73 I explain how it was a reaction to German reforms of […]   read more »

Still Lapsed, After all these Months

In a particularly distressed moment, I made a remark in one of the comments sections, below, that: “As for me, I think my association with Judaism is coming to an end. I’m interested in it as an intellectual and as an ethicist, but I don’t see it as a fruitful spiritual path – at least […]   read more »