Icons and Iconoclasm

Okay, enough about Judaism as Judaism for today. Here’s a little piece I wrote for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone about “The Power of Icons.” I suppose its Jewish-themed, after all, since I see the starting point of Judaism as iconoclasm. Ahh. No escape. — The Power of Icons Take a look at an […]   read more »

Judaism as a Medium – practicing what we preach

So I think I’m finally learning how to speak about Judaism. That is, I’m learning how to speak about religion as a process, rather than as a thing. And this tends to make the whole discussion a heck of a lot less contentious. In media theorist’s terms, I guess what I’m trying to do is […]   read more »

Speaking to People About Religion

So, the tour for Nothing Sacred is underway. I’ve got a few dates in NYC and DC before heading out West. Very intense, so far. So intense, that I’m thinking of softening my approach. I’ve only spoken at a couple of synagogues and seminaries so far, but I’m fast learning that people are less willing […]   read more »

Shucks and Awe

Okay, so they went through with it. I do think they were hoping to kill or frighten Saddam into submission without wasting all of this ordinance, but here’s what happens when you go to war. Interestingly, they’re making their bet on the presumption that Iraq is a truly top-down society. They’re not working on revolution; […]   read more »

Scared? No. Morose, yes.

I keep getting emails from people who live outside the US, asking if we New Yorkers are really as afraid of terrorism as everyone says we are. I’d have to say, no. We are not jumping at every loud sound, worrying about every large package on the subway, or tossing and turning in bed at […]   read more »

Nothing Sacred Tour

Okay, I’m posting this for two reasons. First, a lot of people have been emailing for information on when and where I’ll be speaking when my new book, Nothing Sacred, is released (April 8). Second, pasting this info into my blog window is the easiest way to get it into simple HTML for my tour […]   read more »

Net Penance

I just received this email: Dear Douglas, I am wondering if you are the Douglas Rushkoff who was in my second grade class with Miss Brownell in 1968-1969 (Chatworth Elementary, Larchmont, NY)?? If so, I owe you an apology. I stole the 1802 penny that you brought to class for Show and Tell. Ever since, […]   read more »

Old School

I just wrote a foreward for a book that’s coming out next year about Rave and Religion. Took me back. I thought I’d post it here, because it reveals something about my early work and thinking that might be of interest, or even surprising, to those of you who came to this particular party more […]   read more »

Google buys Blogger

Okay – we have to feel good for Evan, who has worked long and hard to make Blogger a reality. Now, he’ll finally get paid. But, to me, it’s a little unsettling that Blogger is now a Google venture. Especially since Google is so proud of their ability to feed search requests to the FBI […]   read more »