Fake Guerilla Ads

Guerilla-style Napster ads have begun appearing on flyposters around NYC. It’s the familiar old Napster-head logo, in a six or eight inch sticker version. The idea is to make it look like a guerilla campaign – you know, Napster is back, and our users are so cool and excited that everyone is slapping these little […]   read more »

Too many stakes spoils the broth

I just had another one of those awful experiences talking about Judaism with Jews, at an otherwise successful event called Lishmah – a day of learning and teaching Torah ‘for it’s own sake.’ Problem was, instead of letting me do some Torah exploration, they put me on a two-person panel with a guy who read […]   read more »

Sudden Impact

Got hit by a car, today. It kinda pissed me off. I was crossing the street at a green light, in the official pedestrian crosswalk, and a car making a left turn hit me in the hip. I managed to throw my legs up so I ended up on the hood of the car instead […]   read more »

Ecstasy Study Studied Something Other than Ecstasy

…not that I know exactly where I come down on the use of Ecstasy (I suppose I approve of it in controlled settings), I find this article fascinating, and post it as an apology to all those who came out to the ROAR rally yesterday. I just wasn’t able to make it down to DC […]   read more »

Club Zero-G

Disinfo is going to be publishing my graphic novel, Club Zero-G, next year. I’ll be creating some secret previews on this site. In meantime, you can find out about it here. It was quite a change of pace for me to work on a project like this. So few words available to say so much. […]   read more »

New Preface

I’m working on a new preface, for the paperback edition of Nothing Sacred. The original one talked about new media, and how the values of transparency, literacy and community central to the health of interactive networks can also be found in Judaism. It was really a way for me to explain why a media theorist […]   read more »

Meaningful Assembly

Unless events conspire to prevent it, I’ll be speaking at the ROAR rally in DC next Saturday (6 September), ostensibly about the ‘draconian’ qualities of the Biden-supported anti-Rave acts. The chief problem with the new laws is that they target the promoters and owners of clubs and parties where it can be reasonably suspected that […]   read more »

Flash in the Pan?

Okay okay. I’ve gotten more email than I want to count asking me about Flash Mobs. From the perspective of a guy who used to be considered a cyberpundit (an oxymoronic phrase, as I see it, since this is a medium that undoes artificial expertise), this is like the old days: a phenomenon happens that […]   read more »

Lights are On

The lights are back on in the East Village – the very last of the blacked-out neighborhoods to get relit. I’m sure the preponderence of ‘projects’ here has nothing to do with our status on the priority list. The blackout made for an interesting couple of days, particularly down in Tompkins Square, where a Burning-Man-like […]   read more »