Recon Rabbi Spreads Open Source Judaism Memes

…no, not by attribution, but I don’t care: the ideas are getting out, and some of my sentences are remaining intact! ” It was a ‘mixed multitude’ that joined together to attain freedom from bondage and covenant through Torah. We were never a homogeneous community …” “We need to liberate ourselves from metric Judaism. Our […]   read more »

Music as Medium

Well, we did it. Neither the blizzard nor the resultant gridlock were enough to keep us, our equipment, or 400+ people from showing up last night at the Coral Room for our first gig as PTV3 – and my first real gig as a keyboard player. Predictably, a few of the people writing listings for […]   read more »

Just Say No

From The Center for Cognitive Liberties: Wired Magazine reports on a new drug-detection patch under development by SpectRx. “For the monitor to work, employees first have to have four microscopic holes — about the size of a human hair — burnt into the outer layer of their skin by a handheld laser… The oval patch […]   read more »

Branding Grid-Blog

In honor of the Grid Blog about branding, I humbly post a link to this chapter from Coercion, about the history of the BRAND.   read more »

stand with whom?

I got a very kind letter from an organization called, inviting me to work with them on helping Jews more “persuasively justify the Jews’ right to Israel.” I don’t have time to work on any more committees, anyway, but – after reviewing the material on their website – here’s the response I sent them: […]   read more »


As promised, here’s the reading list for my upcoming NYU class, “Theoretical Perspectives on Interactivity.” The order will change as I figure out how I’m going to organize this material. And the “recommended” readings usually refer to books for which I’ll provide hand-outs of one or two chapters. I may attempt to do an online […]   read more »

Me and Genesis

The next incarnation of PsychicTV – PTV3 – will debut at the Coral Room in NYC on December 5. According to the press release: “The line-up ov PTV3 is Douglas Rushkoff, Lady Jaye, Electric Eddie, Isaiah Singer,Alice Genese, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. With video sculptures presented by HONEYGUN LABS, and live sound mixed by Scott Reiter. […]   read more »

Me and Baruch

The Forward, a pretty established Jewish publication out of New York, has just announced its list of the Forward Fifty – a list of “the most influential members of the American Jewish community.” And right there in the section labeled ‘ideas’ is yours truly, “a latter-day Baruch Spinoza.” That’s about as good as it gets.   read more »

Danny Pearl book

A posted a while ago about an invitation I received from Danny Pearl’s parents to contribute to a volume of thoughts about Judaism/Jewishness in the wake of his murder called ‘I AM JEWISH: PERSONAL REFLECTIONS INSPIRED BY THE LAST WORDS OF DANIEL PEARL.’ I asked for some guidance from you all about what to say. […]   read more »

What am I working on?

Lots of people have been emailing to find out what I’m working on right now. Honestly, I’m working on too much. Here’s the main list – I’ll break it down in future posts, because some of it would benefit from discussion. 1. A new book on fun – doing things, particularly in one’s profession or […]   read more »