Violent Media for Peace?

I’m writing this dispatch on my way home from Puerto Rico, where Oscar Arias (Nobel laureate and former President of Costa Rica) and Deepak Chopra (doctor and spiritual teacher) are holding their second annual conference of The Alliance for the New Humanity. The conference is about a lot of things – but, from what I […]   read more »


Sorry for the downtime. While I was attending a ridiculous conference for world peace down in Puerto Rico this weekend, a group of crackers from Brazil successfully cracked my webhoster’s linux box, rendering this site and about 50 others unusable for the last few days. I don’t care so much for my part – it’s […]   read more »

Recon Rabbi Spreads Open Source Judaism Memes

…no, not by attribution, but I don’t care: the ideas are getting out, and some of my sentences are remaining intact! ” It was a ‘mixed multitude’ that joined together to attain freedom from bondage and covenant through Torah. We were never a homogeneous community …” “We need to liberate ourselves from metric Judaism. Our […]   read more »

Music as Medium

Well, we did it. Neither the blizzard nor the resultant gridlock were enough to keep us, our equipment, or 400+ people from showing up last night at the Coral Room for our first gig as PTV3 – and my first real gig as a keyboard player. Predictably, a few of the people writing listings for […]   read more »

Just Say No

From The Center for Cognitive Liberties: Wired Magazine reports on a new drug-detection patch under development by SpectRx. “For the monitor to work, employees first have to have four microscopic holes — about the size of a human hair — burnt into the outer layer of their skin by a handheld laser… The oval patch […]   read more »

Branding Grid-Blog

In honor of the Grid Blog about branding, I humbly post a link to this chapter from Coercion, about the history of the BRAND.   read more »

stand with whom?

I got a very kind letter from an organization called, inviting me to work with them on helping Jews more “persuasively justify the Jews’ right to Israel.” I don’t have time to work on any more committees, anyway, but – after reviewing the material on their website – here’s the response I sent them: […]   read more »


As promised, here’s the reading list for my upcoming NYU class, “Theoretical Perspectives on Interactivity.” The order will change as I figure out how I’m going to organize this material. And the “recommended” readings usually refer to books for which I’ll provide hand-outs of one or two chapters. I may attempt to do an online […]   read more »

Me and Genesis

The next incarnation of PsychicTV – PTV3 – will debut at the Coral Room in NYC on December 5. According to the press release: “The line-up ov PTV3 is Douglas Rushkoff, Lady Jaye, Electric Eddie, Isaiah Singer,Alice Genese, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. With video sculptures presented by HONEYGUN LABS, and live sound mixed by Scott Reiter. […]   read more »

Me and Baruch

The Forward, a pretty established Jewish publication out of New York, has just announced its list of the Forward Fifty – a list of “the most influential members of the American Jewish community.” And right there in the section labeled ‘ideas’ is yours truly, “a latter-day Baruch Spinoza.” That’s about as good as it gets.   read more »