Class Begins – All Are Welcome

My first experimental online course, “Theoretical Perspectives on Interactivity” will begin next Wednesday, at /class. It’s a chance for the online community to take part in my graduate seminar at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and a chance for my NYU students to present and defend their ideas in an open interactive forum. The […]   read more »

The Wireless Obsession

I’ve got a new piece up on The Feature, about my recent obsession with doing things wirelessly. I’ll be writing two little pieces for The Feature website each month. My favorite, so far, is one I did about what Walter Ong might have thought about wireless communications.   read more »

Medicating Reality vs. Mediating Reality

A reader emailed me last week, asking for some insight on the widespread depression as well as the use of medication all around him – especially in people who seem to see what’s going on. From his email: It’s like life was not complicated when we weren’t questioning anything, after seeing the loopholes in our […]   read more »

Another Audit

My first mailbox of the new year contained two fat envelopes from the IRS – one for me, and one for my wife. That’s right: a big fat audit of tax year 2002. I wouldn’t mind so much, except for the fact that I’ve been getting at least three investigations a year for the past […]   read more »

Rushkoff on Radio with McChesney

I’m doing a call-in radio show called Media Matters with Robert McChesney (you should know who he is) on Sunday at 2pm EST on most NPR stations. Listen or, better, call!   read more »

20,000 Dead and Rising

As of this writing, the death toll in Iran is 20,000. Here the blogosphere, that’s just a number. But in the world? 20,000 people crushed, suffocated, or otherwise killed? Unimaginable. It was big news to me when I got up this morning and the number was just 4000. I was amazed that the national morning […]   read more »

Happy Hannukah

I’ve been working hard this week – as has my webmaster, Dan, rebuilding this site post-hack-attack. We’re pretty much there. Me, well, I’ve been working on rewriting the ending of my graphic novel Club Zero-G, devising my NYU class for next semester (you’re all invited to participate, via blog-conference), finishing the proposal for my book […]   read more »

Violent Media for Peace?

I’m writing this dispatch on my way home from Puerto Rico, where Oscar Arias (Nobel laureate and former President of Costa Rica) and Deepak Chopra (doctor and spiritual teacher) are holding their second annual conference of The Alliance for the New Humanity. The conference is about a lot of things – but, from what I […]   read more »


Sorry for the downtime. While I was attending a ridiculous conference for world peace down in Puerto Rico this weekend, a group of crackers from Brazil successfully cracked my webhoster’s linux box, rendering this site and about 50 others unusable for the last few days. I don’t care so much for my part – it’s […]   read more »

Recon Rabbi Spreads Open Source Judaism Memes

…no, not by attribution, but I don’t care: the ideas are getting out, and some of my sentences are remaining intact! ” It was a ‘mixed multitude’ that joined together to attain freedom from bondage and covenant through Torah. We were never a homogeneous community …” “We need to liberate ourselves from metric Judaism. Our […]   read more »