Four Seasons, Baghdad?

The breaking news report of the moment is that, according to  USA Today“Bomb tears through Four Seasons in Baghdad” Reuters:“An explosion ripped through the Four Seasons hotel in Baghdad on Sunday” But, according to the Four Seasons website, there is no Four Seasons Hotel in Baghdad. The reports could be referring to the old presidential […]   read more »

Teacher Suspended for Showing ‘Merchants of Cool’

From: Teacher Suspended for Showing Eighth-graders “Inappropriate” Video May 6, 2004 11:00 am US/Mountain A Sandy business teacher is on administrative leave after showing her eighth-grade class an inappropriate video. The Albion Middle School principal says he received phone calls yesterday from parents whose children told them they watched the video Tuesday. The documentary […]   read more »

It’s Safer Outside

This is the season when people finishing college or grad school begin to wonder about how the heck they’re going to get gainfully employed. It seems like such a hurdle – and, from the point of view of a new graduate, almost anybody who has a job doing something related to what they want to […]   read more »

Let My People Go

Okay, so let me float this one by you. Most people can’t contend with provisional thinking, so if you’re one of those people, please don’t read further. I don’t want to cause any pain or confusion. But if you’re into thought experiments and slightly dangerous ways of thinking about things, then please come along. This […]   read more »

Howard Bloom Cries Fire in a Crowded Theater

But is he correct? And why aren’t the exits clearly marked! What do you all think of the following analysis, via Lucifer Principle author Howard Bloom. I’m more interested in the form of expression than the facts within it. Even assuming all he’s saying is true, what would be the best method for expressing these […]   read more »

Upcoming Appearances

I thought I should let people know about these upcoming talks. They’re on the talks page, as always, but it’s probably as hard for you to remember to check there as it is for me to remember to post. April 16 – New York. Disinfo at CUNY. Rushkoff and others show how Everything You Know […]   read more »

Nothing Sacred – a book for non-Jews?

That’s right – the paperback version of Nothing Sacred comes out this week, and I want you and everyone you know to get it. It’s a book about Judaism, but not about that Judaism. Neither is it about the ‘hip’ Judaism making the rounds these days, even though it might be fueled by a similar […]   read more »

Rock the (Wireless) Vote

I just wrote This Article about Rock the Vote’s extension into the world of cell phones, and whether this effort really does expand the spirit of democracy, or simply reduce the electoral process even further towards an American Idol consumer survey…   read more »

Psychic Weather: Clouds Clearing?

Nice new interview with me at They brought me back to the early years – at least the early years for me, circa 1992, when I was writing Cyberia and thinking about the possibilities for rave culture and reality hacking. Coincidentally, I’ve assigned Cyberia (along with Grant Morrison’s Invisibles) as the reading for this […]   read more »