Nothing Sacred – a book for non-Jews?

That’s right – the paperback version of Nothing Sacred comes out this week, and I want you and everyone you know to get it. It’s a book about Judaism, but not about that Judaism. Neither is it about the ‘hip’ Judaism making the rounds these days, even though it might be fueled by a similar […]   read more »

Rock the (Wireless) Vote

I just wrote This Article about Rock the Vote’s extension into the world of cell phones, and whether this effort really does expand the spirit of democracy, or simply reduce the electoral process even further towards an American Idol consumer survey…   read more »

Psychic Weather: Clouds Clearing?

Nice new interview with me at They brought me back to the early years – at least the early years for me, circa 1992, when I was writing Cyberia and thinking about the possibilities for rave culture and reality hacking. Coincidentally, I’ve assigned Cyberia (along with Grant Morrison’s Invisibles) as the reading for this […]   read more »

Greener Pastures

I wrote this essay on contract for Time magazine – but then lost touch with them. (I know, you’d think Time would be a big target.) I figure after a year of no contact, the piece becomes mine again; especially if they never paid for it. So I’ll share it here. d “A hundred pennies […]   read more »


I wrote this piece a couple of months ago; it ran in NY Press this week: Reading the Consumer MindThe age of neuromarketing has dawned. By now, most of us in the appropriately concerned corners have heard at least something about Emory University’s neuromarketing research center, the BrightHouse Institute for Thought Sciences. The latest […]   read more »

I Live in Brooklyn

Heavy, actually. We finally moved to Brooklyn, and are almost moved in to our place. It took five months to get it fixed up (meaning painted) and we should have a working kitchen before the end of February. Sorry for the radio silence, but it’s been hard to get connected (and hard to find a […]   read more »

Content Deliverance

Content Management is for losers. Young people may have discovered the dark truth about digital media: the person who wins the right to store a piece of data has actually won the booby prize. Come over to The Feature and check out my new ‘think piece’ on the decreasing value of ‘owning’ digital data. I’ll […]   read more »

Class Begins Today!

Come one, come all, to Theoretical Perspectives, my new NYU course – being taught simultaneously online and off. It’s an interactive course about interactivity. The conversation begins today.   read more »

Hubble Hobbled by Bush’s Bubble

I starting writing about this last night on The Feature, but I’m still finding myself actively irked, so I’ll use my blog to blather on. In order to fund Bush’s PR campaign for space – a series of pointless but publicity-rich manned flights to the moon and Mars – NASA will have to abandon the […]   read more »