Bad Grammar Reveals Crooks

Like most of you, I receive many fake emails from people spoofing Ebay and Paypal, asking for account information, passwords, credit card numbers, and more. Their art, complete with site logos and characteristic fonts, is quite good – good enough to fool many users. And so is their url spoofing, which usually has or […]   read more »


I’ve been doing lots of interviews, lately. Two or three per day, mostly by email. And about all sorts of different things. Here’s an excerpt from one that just got posted, about Club Zero-G, at Newsrama. How did Rushkoff return to comics, like so many lapsed readers before him? “A friend from San Francisco told […]   read more »

It’s not the music

I’ve been on the road – playing keyboards with PsychicTV and shooting additional interviews for my Frontline documentary. We played two gigs this weekend, one in DC and the other in Pittsburgh. Nothing against DC whatsoever, but the gigs were like night and day. Surprisingly, though DC was a super-professional venue called the 9:30 Club, […]   read more »

Me and PTV3

I’m doing three gigs in the next week or so as keyboardist with Psychic TV – thought I’d mention them here: Washington DC: Friday June 25, The 9:30 ClubPittsburgh PA: Saturday June 26, The EyeNew York NY: Saturday July 3, The Bowery Ballroom more info   read more »

The Neil Postman Award

I’m just back from the Media Ecology Association’s fifth convention, where I delivered what was, for me, a daring keynote challenging media ecologists to claim ‘money’ as a medium. Media Ecologists believe that there’s no such thing as a value-neutral medium. TV, the Internet, and even cell phones each have various propensities and biases because […]   read more »

Books Books

Just back from the BEA (Book Expo America) – the giant book industry conference. It really was a zoo. After five minutes in the convention center, I felt like quitting writing. Sales people pushing ‘units,’ tens of thousands of titles, cheesy convention-floor displays, acres of wasted carpeting. Books shipped and sold like oil or steel. […]   read more »

Chicago Chicago

I’ll be doing some stuff in Chicago this weekend, celebrating the launch of Club Zero-G, the graphic novel, as well as the paperback release of my book Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism. There’s a Disinfo/Club Zero-G launch party this Friday evening at a club called SUGAR, 108 West Kinzie at North Clark St. 6-8pm. […]   read more »

Sacrifice: Out of Vogue?

One of the prerequisites for a civic reality is self-sacrifice. I don’t mean martyrdom, but the ability to put the needs of the community over one’s own, if even only temporarily. The reason the rock lobsters survive on their dangerous single-file trek across the ocean floors is that any one of them is willing to […]   read more »

Christian Critque of Cyberia

This one’s interesting: TECHNOSHAMANISM: Digital Deities in Cyberspaceby Douglas Groothuis Summary Spiritual explorers are increasingly looking to cyberspace to meet the needs of the soul. Many neopagans, occultists, and New Agers deem the technologies of cyberspace as fitting media for their magical experiments and rituals and view the Internet as a mystical plane of being. For […]   read more »

Russian Bull

I stopped doing this years ago; scanning covers of foreign editions of my books and then posting them up here just took up too much time. But this one – the Russian version of Bull (or, in the US, Exit Strategy) is just too bizarre to keep from you. Click on it for the full-size […]   read more »