Bloggers Ad Nauseum

I did a panel the other night – part of all the generally anti-Republican Convention stuff going on this week in NYC – about Blogs and Bloggers. We covered the obvious ground, about whether blogs make a difference or are just having a good time (my response was that having a good time can make […]   read more »

Changing Selves

I did an interview on Changesurfer radio this weekend – mostly about my book Open Source Democracy, but ultimately about the changing nature of the individual in the face of emerging networks and community. As I explained it on the air, it all comes down to the way we define “self.” In the past – […]   read more »

We Don’t Need Another Hero

Just back from an Omega Institute weekend I led with Grant Morrison, Paul Laffoley, Richard Metzger and Howard Bloom. Interesting combination of people – I ended up hanging out and resonating most with Grant this time out. Where we seemed to connect most was in our shared sense that Aristotle’s narrative arc – the male […]   read more »

Graphic Novel as Sigil

The reviewer at Media Underground pegged it. From his critique: The minimalism that is present in Club Zero G makes the pace of the book exceptionally fast. The images are simple yet bold with a richness in colour that seems extremely striking to the eye. The dialogue is sparse yet to the point and it […]   read more »

What’s Wrong with Voting Against George Bush?

The right-wing pundits on the Sunday morning news shows this week seem to think that the best critique of John Kerry and of the Democratic Convention, voters, and ticket in general is the notion that most of the party’s supporters are still just voting “against George Bush.” The idea, here, is that voting against something […]   read more »


Science told us it couldn’t happen, but guess what: a future Rushkoff is making her way to this dimension.   read more »

Anti-Drugs Vaccines For Kids?

Just got passed this one from the Center for Cognitive Liberties and Ethics. Frightening? In brief, yesterday The Independent issued a story: “Children to get jabs against drug addiction”:, among other things: “A radical scheme to vaccinate children against future drug addiction is being considered by ministers, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.” “Under […]   read more »

Omega in alpha

I’m doing a workshop of some kind at the Omega Institute in a few weeks, along with Howard Bloom, Paul Laffoley, Richard Metzger, and Grant Morrison, all under the general Disinformation umbrella. The description on the Omega site explains that the weekend “offers us a rare chance to interact with a disparate, yet thematically cohesive […]   read more »

Two New Interviews

Two great new interviews with me have gone up in the last week. I think they both cover some new ground. “…I do believe that those who can see – those who are willing to see what’s going on in this world, and feel obligated to do something about it – they are outcasts. […]   read more »

New York Appearance

I’m doing a single event to promote the launch of my new graphic novel, Club Zero-G, at Barnes & Noble on 8th Street and 6th Ave, NYC, Thursday July 15 at 7:30pm. Please come if you’d enjoy such an event. I’ll probably talk a bit about the ideas behind the comic – and maybe try […]   read more »