Counterculture vs. Culture

I did a little conversation with RU Sirius over at The Raw Story, as the third part of a series he was doing with Tom Franks, Joseph Heath, and me. The stuff I said to him makes less sense out of context (I was to react to the conversations he already had) but here’s a […]   read more »


(First, thanks to Mobiustrip for fixing the comments area. It’s still not at all spam-proof, but at least it’s back up. I’ll keep a better archive of the existing code as I attempt to make it resist further attack by banning posts with links.) As for me, I’m working too hard on my book and […]   read more »


As long as comments are down and this will be a broadcast-only blog until Monday when Dan figures out how I screwed it up, my main interactive forum will be the Media-Squatters mailing list. You’re all welcome to join that conversation, which, since 1998, has been a terrific resource and community for me and others […]   read more »

Comments Will Return

Just working on a new comments section. It will return shortly. In the meantime, feel free to download the entirety of the new issue of Arthur magazine, complete with my first column, here.   read more »

Arthur and more

Sorry about the downtime. Dan was trying to fix the comments to make it so I could easily delete bad posts, but it broke the whole thing. I just put back the old one. So we should be fine, and so should our friend, spammer bozhang. I am getting better at editing him out – […]   read more »

Iraqis Voting

Gotta admit, it’s pretty cool to watch the seventy-two percent turnout at the polls in Iraq. It’s also hard not to have mixed feelings. How do you feel? Are the elections real? Do they vindicate Bush and his posse at all? Are they simply a happy side-effect of an otherwise disastrous war? And how does […]   read more »

It Takes a Village

Nothing like having a kid to turn you into either a communist or a capitalist. The long radio silence has been due to the intensity of parenting an infant. Sure, it’d be intense under any circumstances, but I can’t help but believe that the difficulty attending to the 24/7 needs of a baby are compounded […]   read more »

What Do You Believe but Can’t Prove?

This year’s question is out, and I had the honor of participating alongside a slew of interesting people. Edge founder John Brockman asked us to respond to the question, “What do you believe is true, even though you can’t prove it.” Answers here. My contribution, here. “I can’t prove it more than anecdotally, but […]   read more »

BitTorrent Over?

So as of yesterday, it seems the biggest BitTorrent servers, and, have been shut down. BitTorrent is basically a peer-to-peer filesharing protocol, that allows a whole bunch of different computers to host the same files so that people can download them from multiple places at the same time – reducing the load on […]   read more »