Public Health

People seem to be wondering how the hell a truly national health insurance system would be paid for. What I found out by direct experience yesterday, however, is that we really do already have something a lot like one. Seven months pregnant, my wife was strongly urged by her doctor last month to get a […]   read more »

Giving Comfort to the Enemy

Cheney and the people presumably transmitting to Bush through his earpiece during the debates seem to love to accuse Kerry of giving “comfort to the enemy” whenever he recounts how badly the war is going. I certainly hope Kerry’s people have realized the glaringly obvious way they can turn this rhetorical device to their own […]   read more »

One Debate Moment

Responding to a question about the use of pre-emptive force against Iraq Bush said, “the enemy attacked us,” conflating Osama, Saddam, and, presumably, all who oppose America into one big evil clump. Even more remarkably, Kerry picked up on it, and called the statement “extraordinarily revealing.” He then made the distinction that close to half […]   read more »

Happy Yom Kippur

Sounds oxymoronic to those who know the holiday, doesn’t it? But – having just gotten off the phone with my mother-in-law – I feel obligated to tell the world that Yom Kippur is not a sad time. It’s not a rip-roaring celebration, exactly, but its pureness of heart is sometimes mistaken for the austerity of […]   read more »

Networks without a Net

I just posted this piece to TheFeature, about whether the most interesting wireless networks will be those that arise independently of the Internet altogether. …Just as the Internet has fostered a sense of global connectivity for users pinned to their desktops, the wireless network — by coming along in one’s pocket — can enhance users’ […]   read more »

Steph Dumais just created a new online home for the graphic novel, Club Zero G at – with discussion boards and everything. Come by if you have the chance.   read more »

Alive Again

Wow. The server for this site was down all week, and it ended up being faster to move to a new host than to wait for the repairs. Sorry for the interruption. I must admit, however, that I got more work done in the last four days of no blogging and limited email than I’ve […]   read more »

Are Cell Phone Users the New Smokers? If the newest etiquette surveys are any indication, mobile phones may be going the way of the cigarette. Just to prove how good smokers used to have it, a recent Seattle Times article cited the 1941 treatise on manners, “New American Etiquette.” The book, with all the compassion that a high-school football coach bestows […]   read more »

The Real Threat of Blogs

I believe that the most dangerous thing about blogs to the status quo is that so many of them exist for reasons other than to make money. A thriving community of people who are engaged for free, to me, have a certain authority that people doing things for money don’t. Writing a book for money […]   read more »

Club ZeroG & end of the Convention

Yes, ClubZeroG is still alive and well, enjoying the shelves in the comics shops and online, if not the bookstore chains. And a new interview (well, actually, an expanded version of an older interview) on Comic Book Resources should help some new people find out about its existence. How about that convention? Thank goodness it’s […]   read more »