Jewish Holiday Fun…For You!

Looking for the perfect yet subversive Hannukah gift for that special someone? Buy my wife’s new book! Jewish Holiday Fun…For You! is an arch yet loving look at Jewish holidays, told through satirical recreations of print iconography – from TV Guide and the SAT exam to The New York Observer and Highlights (Chai Lights) magazine. […]   read more »

Do Not Despair

(Thus it begins.) Now that close to a day has passed since Kerry’s loss, it’s time for those of us who supported him to move on to supporting real people who need our help. I’ve heard far too many people say “with all that’s coming in the next four years, it’s better that it’ll happen […]   read more »

Frontline: The Persuaders

Want to understand what really happened in these elections? Watch my new documentary! PBS Frontline, November 9th, at 9pm in most places. It should be streamed online a few weeks later. More about the show from the Frontline website: FRONTLINE takes an in-depth look at the multi-billion dollar “persuasion industries” of advertising, market research, and […]   read more »

Let them Eat Myth

I’m wondering if denying poor people a mythology – even if we know it to be false – is such a great idea. It’s honest, and has more integrity, but it’s a bad strategy for eliciting their support. Poor people would rather vote for the myth that they’ll be taken care of – even if, in […]   read more »

Patience is Protest

The next week in Ohio will be interesting – potentially even violent. Not anti-Bush protests, but efforts to make Kerry’s demand that votes be counted look, instead, like a life and nation-threatening spoilage of an otherwise neat election. Gore’s people couldnt’ quite handle the abuse, and weren’t willing to be partners in that destructive battle. […]   read more »


Don’t let anyone convince you that your vote won’t count. That’s just another tactic to keep you from the polls. True, Kerry/Edwards will probably need a couple of million extra votes just to compensate for false challenges, rigged computers, and discarded results. But that’s better than having no chance or vote at all. Vote to […]   read more »

Sample Ballots, Anyone

Call me nutty, but I like to make my voting decisions before I step into the voting booth. Unfortunately, after a day of web searching, I can’t seem to find a sample ballot for Brooklyn, NY. I’ve tried League of Women Voters, voter information, and all of the usual suspects, as well. If I can’t […]   read more »

Voting for Voting

One of the best reasons to vote this in this election is that, if you don’t, it may very well be the last time your vote is counted at all.   read more »

Complementary Currency

My writing on is often an exercise in figuring out how to take whatever it is I’m really interested in the moment and make it relate to cell phones in some way. Here’s a pretty successful one, on the notion of complementary currency. I’d be interested in what you think of it – especially […]   read more »

The Persuaders

No, I don’t like the title either, but the upcoming Frontline documentary on which I served as writer and commentator is a pretty good portrait of the American messaging marketplace. It’s supposed to air on PBS stations Tuesday November 9 – but check your listings. We’re doing a panel about it next Tuesday in New […]   read more »