Fast Company: Amazon Eats the World

With its mega-acquisition of Whole Foods, the retail behemoth moves to suck the value out of yet another market. “Amazon just bought Whole Foods,” my friend texted me seconds after the announcement of the proposed acquisition. “It’s over. The world.” This unease is widespread, and has raised new calls for breaking up Jeff Bezos’s impending monopoly […]   read more »

Team Human: Whose Global Village?

In the good old days, the big ethical conversation online centered on the “digital divide.”If only every African child had a laptop, the thinking went, then we’d get the universal equality promised by the Enlightenment. But that logic has also been consistently challenged by those of us who see more than a little bit of […]   read more »

Team Human: There is no Enemy Team

Just as some Americans fear anyone in a hijab, some progressives now shudder when they go by a house with an American flag over the door. Worse, our knee-jerk reactions to our president’s twitter posts and misdirections makes us so predictable as to be ineffectual: we become utterly incapable of reconciling with the poor confused […]   read more »

Team Human: Reveling in the Unspoken

Computers are great at resolving things; human beings, on the other hand, can contend with sustained paradox. Filmmaker and Alternate Reality Game designer Kevin McLeod reconnects us with what once made movies so special: they didn’t make sense, forcing us into a state of awe and ambiguity that is uniquely human. Meanwhile, I use my […]   read more »

Team Human: Fighting for a Human Agenda

This week’s TeamHuman guest, communications architect Dan Berninger, suggests we are optimizing people for technology instead of the other way around. Everyone gets dehumanized in the process, but maybe that’s the point. And speaking of humans, I tried listening to Donald Trump as if he were a human being. Strangely enough, I was able to […]   read more »

Team Human: The Play is the Thing

Just getting a thousand humans into a room together to sit and watch other humans act out something on stage is the miracle. Playwright J.T. Rogers understands why the very act of doing live theater is so hopeful, and applies this hope to intractable problems like the Middle East conflict – with surprising, and Tony-nominated […]   read more »

Team Human: Defaulting to Colonialism

On this week’s Team Human, we discover one of the reasons why knowing history matters. William Hogeland, author of Autumn of the Black Snake, tells the story of how and why the US Army was created – not to defend our borders, but to wipe out indigenous nations. And all that, in an effort to […]   read more »

Team Human: Civic Engagement Beyond Electoral Politics

I’m really proud of my conversation with Civic Hall founder Micah Sifry on this week’s episode of Team Human. We get deep into the way electoral politics, though important, can actually distract us from the civic engagement we need to do here in the real world. Be sure to register for Personal Democracy Forum 2017 […]   read more »

Team Human: Tessa Fights Robots

I had a great talk with composer/performer Tessa Lena – one of those conversations where you get into the nature of life, what we can do with our time together, and how we are truly different from the machines and institutions that would control us. Luckily, we were in the Team Human audio booth at […]   read more »

Team Human: No Shame! Towards a Cooperative Economy

We just posted an entirely actionable episode of Team Human, with the founder of the Net Party, Pia Mancini. It begins with a monologue by me about the way shame over everything from gender and sex to money inhibits our ability to forge solidarity – by design. That segues to a great discussion with Pia […]   read more »