Code Literacy: A 21st-Century Requirement – Ask kids what Facebook is for, and they’ll tell you it’s there to help them make friends. And, on the surface anyway, that’s what it looks like. Of course, anyone who has poked a bit deeper or thought a bit longer about it understands that people programming Facebook aren’t sitting around wondering how […]   read more »

CNN: Occupy debt

Much like President Obama, the Occupy movement is alive and well and entering its second term, thank you very much. It’s no longer about squatting in public parks, getting on the news, or — in some cases — getting arrested. No, instead this decentralized, bottom-up, anti-Wall Street effort is taking aim at your medical, student […]   read more »

CNN: iPhone is not your savior

(CNN) — Last time around, humanity’s savior came in the form of a human messiah. This time, if technology analysts, bankers and venture capitalists are to be believed, it will take the form of a handheld computer otherwise known as a smartphone. That’s right, the new Apple iPhone announced Wednesday is already being credited with saving […]   read more »

CNN: Apple v Samsung: What if they had patented the alphabet?

Imagine we were just developing spoken language for the first time. And someone came up with a new word to describe an action, thought, or feeling – like “magnify” or “dreadful.” But in this strange world, the person who came up with the word demanded anyone else who used it to pay him a dollar […]   read more »

CNN: Should we trust Twitter?

(CNN) — Twitter users are rightly aghast that the company on Sunday banned a user for openly criticizing NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. After Guy Adams, a British newspaper reporter for The Independent, posted negative comments about NBC’s tape-delayed Olympics coverage (including one executive’s work e-mail for viewers to make complaints), Twitter alerted its business partner — NBC […]   read more »

Just Took My First Job: @Codecademy

So my officemate (or more accurately, office donor) Ian Alexander was perusing the net a few months ago, and then shouted across the room to me, “these guys are doing what you’ve been saying.” He was talking about Codecademy, a website built by two Columbia University students (well, former students) who realized that computer coding […]   read more »

CNN: Yahoo Wins the Web

(CNN) — This week’s announcement that Yahoo is hiring away Google exec Marissa Mayer as its latest CEO has been met by both Wall Street and the tech industry by yawns and worse.  Yawners cite the fact that Yahoo – by all measures a dying corporation – has hired five CEO’s in as many years. […]   read more »

CNN: Will ISP’s begin spying on users?

  (CNN) — This month, if everything goes according to schedule, your Internet service provider may begin monitoring your account, just to make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong with it — like sharing copyrighted movie or music files. While we might all agree that copyright holders need to be protected, we may not all be equally happy […]   read more »

dr. DR

This is what a dissertation defense ceremony looks like in Utrecht, Holland, where it is conducted pretty much the same way as it was in the 1100’s. I was honored by an illustrious panel of professors who flew in from across Europe to challenge my critique of corporatism as a media environment. It was at […]   read more »