BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow Reviews A.D.D.

Douglas Rushkoff’s ADD: tight, smart graphic novel delivers a scathing critique of the commodification of youth culture By Cory Doctorow at 6:24 am Tuesday, Jan 10 Douglas Rushkoff’s graphic novel debut, “A.D.D.” (Adolescent Demo Division) is a tight, action-packed comic wrapped around a serious, thought-provoking critique of the commodification of youth culture. The titular ADD is a squad of specially […]   read more »

CNN: Should Twitter Fear Saudi Prince?

The social media universe has been aghast this week after the revelation that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia has invested $300 million in Twitter. The shock and awe seems to center around the notion that Twitter has been at least partly responsible for the Arab Spring uprisings that directly threaten the Saudi royal […]   read more »

Reality as Subversion

I wrote this piece six years ago for Arthur magazine, anticipating or at least wishing for the Occupy movement. LSD magazine just republished it in their latest issue with some beautiful graphics, here. Here’s the original text version: (Originally published in Arthur, June 2005) I had a weird vision the other day. Having brought our […]   read more »

Zuccotti 451

A book can have more influence for being destroyed than having existed in the first place. This week isn’t the first time my books have been destroyed, but it’s probably the most significant. I’m honored to have been included in the reference section of the Occupy Wall St “People’s Library,” and honored for Life Inc to […]   read more »

Occupy Reality – Transcript

People have been asking for a transcript of the little speech I gave at Occupy Wall Street on Wenesday November 9. It amounts to a one-page summary of my book Life Inc. (In other words, if you wonder how any of this could be true, read the book for the full story and documentation. I […]   read more »

CNN: What Would Steve Jobs Do?

A laptop shows a Web page paying tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at an Apple Store in Seoul shortly after his death. (CNN) — When does a cult become a religion? When the cult leader dies. Only then do L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics practitioners become the religion of Scientology, the followers of Joseph Smith become […]   read more »

CNN: Occupy Wall Street is Not a Protest But a Prototype

The more familiar something looks, the less threatening it seems. This is why images of funny-looking college students marching up Broadway or shirtless boys banging on drums comprise the bulk of the imagery we see of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Stock brokers look on, police man the barricades, and what appears to be a […]   read more »

Alternet Interview: The First 21st-Century Movement – Douglas Rushkoff on Occupy Wall Street and Reclaiming the Internet from Corporations

Media theorist and author Douglas Rushkoff talks to AlterNet’s Sarah Jaffe about building a better Internet, the job-free future, and how Occupy Wall Street could save us. By Sarah Jaffe, AlterNetPosted on October 17, 2011, Printed on October 23, 2011 The sudden rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement made media theorist and futurist Douglas […]   read more »