No, You Can’t Have it All

(CNN) — Technology has always been about choice: Fire allowed us to choose to live in colder climates. Electric lighting offered us the choice to read at night. Drugs give us the freedom to choose stressful, self-destructive lifestyles. And digital technology gives us the ability to do more than one thing at the same time […]   read more »

Throwing Rocks: The first interview

I will be launching my next book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity, at South-by-Southwest next March. Here’s the first interview I’ve done about it, with Hugh Forrest of the Interactive festival.  SXSW: Tell us more about what your new book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus.Rushkoff: [The book is] about […]   read more »

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ – Why We’re Obsessed With Zombies

via Business Insider  “Present Shock” author Douglas Rushkoff explains why we love zombie shows and post-apocalyptic movies. We’re stuck in a nonstop feedback loop of information, without any beginning or end, and it causes us consistent stress and anxiety. These alternate realities act as an escape from that stress.  Produced by Joe Avella   read more »

Journey’s End: Rushkoff and the Collapse of Narrative

Very nice analysis of Present Shock’s “Narrative Collapse” chapter, and how it impacts movies and storytelling, from writer Sean P. Carlin. Here’s a taste: A narrative unfolds over time, and carries us to a logical, conclusive endpoint; Rushkoff, in essence, asserts that our conventional sense of continuity—of linear narrativity—got disrupted by seismic events like 9/11 […]   read more »

CNN: Was government hack our final warning?

(CNN) — Was this the big one? Will the breach of at least 4 million government personnel files across all federal government agencies, including the private data of those applying for top-security clearance, be the one that brings everything down? Or is it merely another tremor before the big quake we’ve all been expecting but […]   read more »

Digital Disruption and the Death of Storytelling

Interview from this month’s issue of Marketing News about present shock, big data, and the end of linear narrative.  “The beginning of my conversation with Douglas Rushkoff happens as if it had been scripted: Rushkoff tries to answer my call while it’s being redirected from his phone through his laptop, through Google Voice and Skype, […]   read more »

‘Open Source Democracy’ Available for Free Download

A new ebook edition (pub/kindle) of Open Source Democracy, with CC license, is now available for download at The books asks: What would happen if the ‘source code’ of our democratic systems were opened up to the people they are meant to serve? In the software industry, the open source movement has emphasized collective […]   read more »

The Future is Now: Interview with Reality Sandwich

via Reality Sandwich: His nebbish visage seems to pop up everywhere–like a “Where’s Waldo?” life-feature. I remember seeing him on CNN, whilst slugging off one last one in an airport lounge before a long plane ride to Asia in the previous century; a year later, Y2K, I would see that same earnest face in-person amidst […]   read more »

CNN: The Russia Hack is Not About You

  (CNN) — Most people’s first response on hearing that 1.2 billion usernames and passwords have been compromised by a group of Russian hackers? We check our own most important accounts for evidence of misuse, and change our passwords. If a week or two goes by with nothing out of the ordinary happening on our credit cards, we […]   read more »