The Guardian – The Malfunctioning Tech Economy

Ian Tucker   Douglas Rushkoff emerged as a media commentator in 1994 with his first book, Cyberia. His debut examined “the early psychedelic, rave roots of digital technology. I was trying to infer what a digital society might be like given the beliefs of these people,” he tells me during a phone interview from his home in Hastings on […]   read more »

How the Digital Media Environment Enforces Boundaries

In the 1980’s, the ultimate television president, Ronald Reagan, went to Berlin and implored Mr. Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” Thanks to the global spectacle of electronic age as well as the unifying image of the earth from space, we were on our way to becoming one world. For better and for worse, both […]   read more »

Fork the Economy

I’ve given up on fixing the economy. The economy is not broken. It’s simply unjust. There’s a difference. We have to stop looking at our economy as a broken system, but one that is working absolutely true to its original design. It’s time to be progressive — and this means initiating systemic changes. For example, […]   read more »

Rebooting Work

Digital and robotic technologies offer us both a bounty of productivity as well as welcome relief from myriad repeatable tasks. Unfortunately, as our economy is currently configured, both of these seeming miracles are also big problems. How do we maintain market prices in a world with surplus productivity? And, even more to the point, how […]   read more »

Terrorism as Virus

I wrote this back in 2009, based on some work I did on the notion of cultural “contagion” in 1994. It’s actually a rewrite of something I wrote right after 9-11. I was trying to get someone (anyone) in the State Department to accept the emergence of new non-linear forms of communication, and come to […]   read more »

Donald Trump: The Ultimate Digi-genic Candidate

Earlier this month, Donald Trump spewed a string of enraged non sequiturs for two hours straight on a stage in Fort Dodge, Iowa. He suggested castration or the death penalty as the only appropriate remedy for the self-admittedly “pathological” Ben Carson. He claimed the US plans to accept 250,000 Syrian refugees even though the Obama […]   read more »

Cooperativism to Come – First talk about my upcoming book

I just attended a terrific conference on Platform Cooperativism, hosted by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider. It was a great gathering of hundreds of activists, alternative economy folks, thinkers, and doers. I was quite humbled to be asked to deliver the closing keynote, which was essentially a first effort at expressing the gist of my […]   read more »

Russia, the Internet and a New Way to Wage War?

(CNN) — According to a report in The New York Times this week, the presence of Russian spy ships near important trans-Atlantic data cables is causing consternation among American military and intelligence officials. What, if anything, are the Russians planning to do? Are they trying to see how easily they could cut the cables if […]   read more »

Why Uber’s Bid For Platform Monopoly is Dangerous

This is a response to Susan Crawford’s recent piece “Getting Over Uber.” My problem with Uber all along has been that it’s optimized for a really specific utility, but at the expense of others. It’s a bit like online universities, which offer courses isolated from the fabric of education or a learning community. That’s the […]   read more »