BA Business Life – Fighting the Digital Giants

Instead of adopting a defensive crouch in anticipation of the next upstart or, worse, abandoning your time-tested best practices in order to imitate their ways, it's time to disrupt the disruptors. You still have the home field advantage.    read more »

The Kernel – Douglas Rushkoff’s Vision for a New, Better World

In Rushkoff's new work he argues that, appearances to the contrary, today’s online colossi—think Facebook, Google, Apple, and the like—haven’t truly revolutionized our economy. Instead, they’ve reproduced the Industrial Age corporation at a global scale, with all the benefits of digital innovation.   read more »

Six Pixels of Separation Podcast – The Failing State of Our Digital Economy

All of our assumptions about disruption, the digital economy, unicorns, valuations, and how all of this technological innovation has evolved will be questioned. Not to be a contrarian for contrarian's sake, this Media Scholar also happens to understand the underpinnings of our economy, and it will startle you. The book acts as a warning and - as with everything he touches - it will make you think deeply.   read more »

Quartz Reviews Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

People are angry at Silicon Valley. In recent years, protestors have slashed the tires of buses hired to transport Google employees. They’ve occupied Airbnb’s headquarters and participated in worldwide demonstrations against Uber.   read more »

Forbes reviews Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

Douglas Rushkoff is one of those rare writers and friends. He can ask big gnarly questions, and then before you know it, present a buffet of solutions that leave you with a ravenous appetite to dig into the future. In Program or Be Programmed, Rushkoff made the compelling case for the need for all of us […]   read more »

Harvard Business Review excerpts Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

Corporations Weren’t Designed to Run on Code Plants grow, people grow, even whole forests, jungles, and coral reefs grow — but eventually, they stop. This doesn’t mean they’re dead. They’ve simply reached a level of maturity where health is not about getting bigger, but about sustaining vitality. There may be a turnover of cells, organisms, […]   read more »

The Takeaway on NPR – Why People Throw Rocks

Over the last few years, technology employees have overwhelmed the San Francisco Bay Area's already-fragile housing market. As rents skyrocket, residents frustrated with their changing neighborhoods have targeted the buses that deliver tech employees to and from Silicon Valley, from San Francisco and Oakland.   read more »