“Throwing Rocks” Talk at the 92nd St. Y

Digital technology was supposed to usher in a new age of endless prosperity, but so far it has been used to put industrial capitalism on steroids, with Internet startups selling for billions, but destroying more jobs than they create, extracting more cash from circulation than they put in, and disrupting entire marketplaces and neighborhoods in the process. Douglas Rushkoff, the author of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, will explain what went wrong, and how to optimize our economy for distributed prosperity instead of mindless growth.   read more »

The Kindle Chronicles Interviews Douglas Rushkoff

"The people who are throwing rocks at the Google bus, they’re on to something. They understand something. We should listen. And we can reconfigure, we can optimize, reprogram our economy to help everybody—That’s extremely optimistic. I put myself on the hopeful side of the equation right now."   read more »

The Evening Standard – Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

The day after Twitter Inc floated on the New York Stock Exchange, its co-founder Evan Williams was pictured in the financial pages wearing a sheepish smile. He had just made $4.3 billion in a single day. How does that make you feel? Angry? Inspired? Envious? In his ambitious and invigorating polemic about why everything’s so messed up, Douglas Rushkoff asks us to sympathise with the young billionaire.   read more »