CNN- Facebook Needs More ‘Human’ Bias

Facebook's PR department has been busy defending itself against allegations from an anonymous, disgruntled employee that editors of the company's "trending stories" list were biased against conservative viewpoints. The story -- itself a trending topic today -- may say less about the failings of biased human intervention, however, than the need for more of it.   read more »

FastCo – When The Data Bubble Bursts, Companies Will Have To Actually Sell Things Again

How can a company with no revenues still make money? It’s not a trick question. The answer is at the very foundation of the digital economy: advertising. No matter how dire things get for musicians, writers, movies, websites, smart phone apps, video games, or whole social media platforms, no matter how hard it might be for companies to charge for content, services, or convenience, almost everything we are doing in the digital marketplace can serve as the advertisement for something else. The video game promotes a movie, the movie promotes an app, and the app promotes a video game. Heck, this article indirectly promotes a book.   read more »

Medium – Amazon is Just Walmart on Digital Drugs

In December 2013, a group of protestors in Oakland, California attacked a private Google shuttle bus that was taking Google employees from their Bay Area homes to their offices at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, 40 miles south. The protestors smashed one of the bus’s windows and blocked the bus from moving forward, holding up a banner that read “FUCK OFF GOOGLE.” The protestors also handed out flyers to the frightened Google employees that read, in part:   read more »

Big Think – Are Google, Uber, and Digital Companies Trapped by Colonial Economics?

Douglas Rushkoff joins the rank of French economist Thomas Piketty in expressing skepticism about free market capitalism in the digital age. Groundbreaking companies like Google, Amazon, and Uber operate using a "scorched Earth" method of value creation, says Rushkoff, which resembles 13th century colonialism. To make money, they extract value from communities rather than create it, much like conquistadors would extract precious metals from South American nations. If that sounds like a hyperbolic statement to you, you are probably not alone.   read more »

Boing Boing – Amazon is Just Walmart on Digital Steroids

I'm a research director at Institute for the Future, and I interviewed author Douglas Rushkoff about his latest book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity. It's a terrific look at the way the current system of wealth creation is rigged against everyone but the financial gatekeepers at the top of the food chain. More importantly, he offers some great suggestions for ways to make the system more fair for everybody.   read more »