Follow the Money Radio – Interview with Douglas Rushkoff

In this week’s broadcast, Christian economist Jerry Robinson discusses the limits of economic growth with popular media theorist and author, Professor Douglas Rushkoff. We also discuss his latest book, Throwing Rocks at Google: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity.    read more »

Slate – Douglas Rushkoff’s Advice for the Next President

In the latest installment in a weekly series from Slate, 92Y, and New America, we hear from Rushkoff—a media theorist, critic, and author—as he offers his advice for the next U.S. president. Each Monday this election season, we’ll publish a short video in which a policy maker, writer, or thinker gives the next commander in chief their best ideas for how to handle the highest office in the land.   read more »

Jessica Ann Media – Douglas Rushkoff on the Future of Humanity

Welcome back to The Art of Humanity, where we explore creativity + consciousness to allow you and your business to evolve. In Episode 17, Jessica Ann talks with one of the world’s greatest thinkers: media theorist and futurist Douglas Rushkoff. We touch on his background, religion, technology, politics, social media, community and more.   read more »

Hemispheres Magazine – Rich Customer, Rich Company

Traditionally, companies get worried when a supplier, an employee, or even a customer starts doing too well. It means there’s some value that hasn’t been extracted. It means some money has been left on the table. Of course, in the traditional business world, the smart CEO considers the “ecosystem” within which his or her company operates, which is only an ecosystem if everyone is thriving. Squeeze your supplier or your employee too much, or drive your competitors on Main Street out of business, and the community you serve is a poorer one—unable to buy your products and educate your future workers. Rule of thumb: Don’t destroy the very marketplace on which your company depends.    read more »

Handelsblatt – The Silicon Valley Skeptic

The prize-winning American media theorist, in an interview with Handelsblatt, questions the basic assumptions of the Silicon Valley-driven digital economy, which he warns is more concerned about concentrating wealth than improving the world for humanity   read more »

Seeking Alpha – Why Growth As We Know It Is More Illusion Than Reality

One of the over-arching problems that we see afflicting this “non-recovery” is that in spite of the fact that the financial industry (capital) was responsible for the near-destruction of American capitalism, it is now once again in complete control of the economy. The financial industry is NOT about creating value; it is all about extracting […]   read more »

Medium – How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity and How To Fix It

In his new book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity, noted media theorist and author Douglas Rushkofftakes on the failure of the digital economy to make things better for more people. At the core of Rushkoff’s critique is what he calls the “obsolete economic operating system that emphasizes growth” and the abandonment of core values that occur once companies go public and succumb to short-term thinking.   read more »

DLD Conference 2016 – ‘Throwing Rocks’ Interview

Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus is the newest book of Douglas Rushkoff and it relates why the digital economy has gone wrong. Everybody knows it, but no one knows quite how to fix it, or even how to explain the problem. Workers lose to automation, investors lose to algorithms, musicians lose to power law dynamics, drivers lose to Uber, neighborhoods lose to Airbnb, and even tech developers lose their visions to the demands of the startup economy.   read more »