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New York Times/Guardian of London Column 

To Life, September 2001
10 Ways to Understand What Just Happened

Farewell, August 2001
Cyberculture is More than a Story

Remedy Over Revenge, June 2001
How to Solve the Microsoft Case Once, and for All

Amateurs Once More, June 2001
My Open Source Novel

Exodus, May 2001
From Pyramid-Building to a Global Programmers Union

Kafka, Meet Capitalism, April 2001
My struggle with getting DSL service from a Telco.

Why They'll Kill WAP, April 2001
The Good Old Days of Text-Only Websites

Look at Me, March 2001
The Other Side of Internet Voyeurism Content as a Medium for Interaction

Merge This, January 2001
An Acquisition by Any Other Name

See No Evil, January 2001
A Self-Censored Internet

The Freak's Table, January 2001
Now that the Internet isn't about dot.com, look who's come out of the woodwork!

Conforming to the Machine, December 2000
How to bring machines to people, rather than the other way around.

Promises Made to Pizza Kids, November 2000
Don't blame idealistic hackers for your own failed business plans.

Eyes on The Prize, October 2000
Let business build our Internet for us

Buying a Computer for Mom, July 2000
Why It's so hard to find something that works, anymore

Blinded By The Bytes, June 2000
Why the MP3 Format Sucks

Napster Love, May 2000
How Napster amounts to little more than a consumer revolt.

It's a Model, Stupid, April 2000
Telling the Map From the Territory

Monopoly, February 2000
Why I'm not afraid of media monopolies

Yahoo's Last Stand, February 2000
When Hackers Attack

The Perils of 646, January 2000
Why My Area Code Doesn't Work

Remember the Sabbath, December 1999
An Argument in Favor of A Day Off

Free Inside, September 1999
Novelty versus commodity

The MovieFone Syndrome, August 1999
How Convenience Becomes Coercion

The Computer Made Me Do It, June 1999
Media-Bashing in America

Nowhere to Run, May 1999
Y2K Survivalists

Electronica, May 1999
The True Cyber Culture

Get Loud!, May 1999
The Knicks Noise-Meter and the Pitfalls of Interactive Style

Lugging Their Laptops, May 1999
Some surprising answers from cyber-have children about the joys of computing.

RTMark, April 1999
The ultimate friend of media pranks may just be a prank, too.

California Here We Come, March 1999

The Next Big Thing, February 1999

Predictions, Anyone?, December 1998
Predictions and Anti-predictions for the Coming Decade

The Kids Are Back, November 1998
Hotline Reinvents the Internet

Manmade Materials, October 1998
Is Anything Not Natural?

Call Waiting, October 1998
Technology & Truth

Breaking Tech Myths, October 1998

Extra Life, October 1998
Computers, Not Just Software, Should be Taught in School

Depress This, September 1998
Study shows Internet use is depressing. So is real life.

The Ghost in My Machine, September 1998
The end of my association with Windows PC's.

Fight For the Future, August 1998
The X-Files movie and Windows 98.

Why Futurists Suck, August 1998
How the future is used to change the present.

The Godzilla Factor, July 1998
Why the movie, and the New Economy, failed.

The Shareware Universe, May 1998
Why innovation happens through cooperation, not competition.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice, May 1998
Why technology has no real life of its own.

Hollywood Lays an Egg, March 1998
The myth of the Content Provider

Judge Drudge, March 1998
The Drudge Reports beats the mainstream in timing, and integrity.

People Who Need People, March 1998
How the Dwarf Beat Leonardo

Technorealism, March 1998
Why I Signed on to the Controversial Middle-Ground

The Company Store, January 1998

Upgrade Cycles, December 1997
Learning to Say Enough

Banner This, October 1997

To Have or Have Not, August 1997
What the Increase in Public Accessibility Means

My First Real Downgrade, August 1997
How Spam Nuked My Ability to Cybercommute

Gated Communities Online, July 1997
Member-only areas, and the social costs.

The Electronic Acid Test, July 1997

The Future of Psychology, May 1997
Part two of the way technology effects psychology

The Mac Attack, May 1997
Response to My Decision to Leave Mac

So Went the Salon, May 1997
The decline of the online community.

Turning My Back on Mac, May 1997
The day I sold my mac...

Internet Psychology, May 1997
Cause or Cure

Back To Mac, April 1997
A Prodigal Son Returns

I Am Your Father Luke, March 1997
Why Luke should have accepted Darth's first offer

Opportunity Costs, March 1997

Banned In Boston, March 1997

Designer Apocalypse, March 1997
One reaction to the Heavens Gate Cult suicide

The Grass is Greener, March 1997
Why filmmakers lust for what they think is interadctivity, and vis versa

The Fall of Wired UK, February 1997
Why Wired UK Never Really Existed

Wired Ventures Too Far, February 1997
The humbling of Wired Magazine, and why we should welcome them back into the real world

Connecting the Dots, December 1996
TWA flight 808, CIA Crack sales, and Internet-style Conspiracy Theory

Convergence, December 1996
Our Last, Best Hope For Peace

Digital Nomads, December 1996
Are the Digerati the New Jews?

Cyberpharises, December 1996
(Digital Nomads continued...)

A Tangled Web, December 1996
Mixed feelings about the Internet's most TV-like application

One World, First World, October 1996
Is the Internet a First-World-Only phenomenon?

Apple Pie, August 1996
Is the Internet American?

Click Culture, August 1996
Thoughts on the strength of mouse-driven attention spans

Too Many Secrets, 1996
Thoughts on Cryptography, Privacy, and Secrets

Your.Name.Here, 1996
Paul Garrin's alternate network of nameservers ROCKS

It's All Conjecture, 1996

Teachers Vs Machines, 1996
Why teachers needn't be afraid of computers in their classroom


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